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Courtesy of Woman's Day Magazine

Courtesy of Woman’s Day Magazine

Welcome to my lively and confessional bio page. You may know me as a personal finance writer, and it’s true that I have a long (and award-winning) track record on that front. But ever since I saw the movie “Frozen,” I’ve decided to take my gloves off.

For years I wrote about the basics of money, investing and behavioral economics—as columnist for the New York Times and MSN Money (and Body & Soul, Parenting, SELF and a dozen other publications). But the work I was proudest of always involved women’s relationship to money.That’s why I created the Women in Red column on MSN in 2005, and later founded DailyWorth.

Now it’s clear that women know enough about basic financial issues. It’s time to build wealth. In 2013, I had the good fortune to meet Jon Stein and begin a consulting relationship with his team at Betterment. Working at and writing for Betterment has taught me a great deal about real investing, and convinced me that the next phase of my career is to break down whatever ceiling is preventing women’s final economic ascent (it’s not glass, but what is it? shoes? kids? “The Kid Ceiling”–now there’s a blog post waiting to happen).

I’m currently working on a couple of articles for the New York Times now on this very topic. And I expect that my first book “Money Can Buy Happiness,” which won a Books for a Better Life Award, may have some siblings soon. Meanwhile, I continue to count myself a very lucky gal to be living in Inwood with my family and friends.